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  • Duration: 80 hr
  • Price: 8000 EGP
  • Discount: 31%
  • final price (online) : 5500 EGP
  • Discount: 27%
  • final price (offline): 5800 EGP

Professional data analysis course

Welcome to our Professional data analysis course! In this exciting journey, we will be diving deep into the world of data and discovering the hidden insights and patterns that it holds with the help of powerful tools and techniques, we will learn how to extract valuable information from large and complex datasets, and use it to make informed decisions and solve real-world problems.

  • Data analysis with (excel, power bi, Tableau, SQL, Python)
  • Statistics
  • Business cases and storytelling
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Program outcomes:
  • Data analysis using excel and pivot tables.
  • Convert data into visuals and graphs.
  • Build your own dashboard.
  • Publish a mobile version dashboard.
  • How to apply Data Analysis using Excel – Power BI – Tableau.
  • Extend your analytics skills to programming level.
  • Know more about SQL.
  • Make Data analysis using python.
  • Learn the science behind analysis.
  • Learn statistical analysis.
  • Learn how to apply statistical experiments on your data.
  • Learn how to form story from your data.
  • Trainers with more than +13 years of experience in the labor market.
  • They have sufficient experience in various fields.
Who should attend:
People who working in this fields:
  • Marketing
  • sales
  • hr
  • Accountants
  • managerial level
  • procurement
  • Accouany one need to learn and use data analysis in his careerntants
what you need after this diploma:
Simply, you have to be updated with data analysis field and you have to practice on projects more and mores.
Your refund request will be accepted from the 1st of the month to the 10th, but if the request is submitted after the 10th, your request will be processed in the next month.
Installment service:
You can pay the required amount via installments with 10% additional fees for 6 months installments:
  • ValU
  • Credit card( CIB – Alahly – Bank Masr – Mashrq)
  • Machinfy Certified: Available once you delivered and presented the final project of this diploma
  • Machinfy Attendance: available once you attended 70% of the course
Why Machinfy ?
  • Our goal is building training programs that qualify calibers for market and ready plug-work and we already do this by applying the latest training methodologies, equipment and materials that make trainees will qualified for join job or shift career faster.
  • Our core strength is the experienced trainers and updated content based on market needs.

Since data proved to be the new oil, the ability to and aptitude for dealing with data becomes one of the most anticipated skills in any candidate. To embark on your journey in the dynamic world of the data analysis field, consider taking data analytics courses granting you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. At Machinfy Academy, we've got you covered with two diplomas to set you apart in the competitive labour market with a comprehensive set of skills. The Professional Data Analysis Diploma involves a wide range of topics like a Power BI course, an excel data analysis course and a data analysis course. On the other hand, Data Analysis Diploma covers an excel data analysis course, an SQL course and a Power BI course.

  • Learning coding will be a valuable asset to your skills, which in turn, helps you stand out from the crowd.

  • If you are confused about which online course is the best to begin your data analysis journey, or even if you are distracted by various materials and different courses, Machinfy Academy offers a Data Analysis Diploma covering an excel data analysis course, an SQL course and Power BI Course.

  • It is one of the best educational platforms for data analysis and data analytics courses.

  • There are numerous courses. So, rest assured to take data analytics courses which highlight a raft of business challenges, and how to develop data literacy and an analytic mindset.

  • Machinfy is an outstanding platform for both offline and online data analytics courses which aims at helping the student to demonstrate a knack for utilizing Excel to do a variety of data analysis tasks like data wrangling and data mining.

  • If you think of taking a Power BI course and an SQL course, then Machinfy Academy features data analytics courses in one place under the umbrella of two diplomas called the data analysis Diploma and professional Data Analysis Diploma which are essential to embark on your data analytics journey.

  • Yes, it is to some extent easy tool to learn. However, Power BI is a significant tool enabling you to make business decisions backed by data and creates attention-grabbing and straightforward visuals.

  • Mainly, a data analyst has to visualize the insights into a compelling dashboard and then share them with the stakeholders, therefore, he has to enroll in a Power BI Course or even data analytics courses.

  • if you are on the lookout for a Power BI course, Machinfy Academy offers a Professional data analysis diploma covering Power BI skills which are vital to embark on your data analytics journey.

  • Excel is invaluable spreadsheet software which aids in cleaning, sorting, and visualizing data as well as creating appealing dashboards.

  • if you search for data analytics courses, Machinfy Academy offers a Professional data analysis diploma that covers all of these required skills under the umbrella of one diploma and at the hands of the best tutors with comprehensive experience.

  • First and foremost, Learning Excel is the foundation of a data analysis career path, then taking an SQL course, Tableau course, Power BI, course and Python course will make your skills go to the next level.

  • Mainly, a data analyst must have proficiency in utilizing databases to extract valuable data to inform business and an artistic flair to visualize these insights in a compelling way to be shared with the stakeholders, therefore, the best solution to acquire these skills is to enroll in a Power BI Course, data analytics courses and data analysis courses.

  • Machinfy Academy has got you covered with two specializing diplomas, a Professional Data Analysis Diploma involves a wide range of topics such as a Power BI Course, an excel data analysis course, and a data analysis course A Data Analysis diploma covers a raft of topics such as the excel data analysis course, an SQl course, and a data analysis course.

  • Thanks to Power BI, creating reports, and graphs become handy and dealing with data is no longer an intimidating task. With the Power BI course, you can clean, manipulate, and analyze heaps of data swiftly and efficiently.

  • If you are searching for a great Power BI course, Machinfy Academy offers a data analysis Diploma covering a Power BI course, an excel data analysis course, and an SQL course as it allows you to sustain your skills.

  • According to Microsoft, Power BI is a business intelligence tool that allows you to create compelling reports and captivating dashboards to get actionable insights which help you grow your business.

  • Taking PowerBI courses or data analytics courses will increment your knowledge and skills, which in turn, aid you in adopting an analytical mindset to discover and share new business insights smoothly and facilitate getting a job.

  • To your knowledge, Machinfy Academy presents a professional Data Analysis Diploma that includes a Power BI course that qualifies you for the labour market.

  • There is no simple answer that fits all, and it depends on your educational background, skills and capabilities. Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that centres on algorithms and statistical methods.

  • On the other hand, Data Analysis involves data cleaning, data wrangling, and data processing.

  • If you think of entering into the data analysis field, it is recommended to take a data analysis diploma from Machinfy Academy which includes an excel data analysis course, a Power BI course, and an SQL course.

  • This Professional diploma will enable you to get the nitty and gritty details of dealing with databases, to extract and analyze data warehoused in databases.

  • All of the programming languages are great, but they have different usages. For instance, Data analysts use Structured Query language(SQL) for dealing with databases and extracting helpful insights from them, on the other hand, they use Python and R to clean, transform and analyze, and visualize data.

  • Machinfy Academy is dedicated to uplifting these much-needed skills in the labour market, so that, it features a Professional Data Analysis Diploma consisting of top-notch courses such as Power BI course, excel data analysis course and Data analysis course.

  • The Professional Data Analysis Diploma is the best way to succeed by getting an in-depth understanding of data aspects.

  • In your quest for learning data analysis, you will need to grab more skills under your belt.

  • Taking into consideration the overly competitive employment market, acquiring knowledge of Excel, Power BI, and Tableau are imperative to embark on your data analysis journey.

  • Data analytics courses have significant importance in simplifying the main concepts of handling and analyzing data.

  • In addition, an SQL course and Data analysis courses are imperative in learning how to deal with databases.

  • If you want a diploma that walks you through all of these skills, then you have to enroll in Professional Data Analysis Diploma or Data Analysis Diploma from Machinfy Academy.

  • Enrolling in a data analysis course or data analytics courses becomes crucial to enhance your skills and to solidify your CV.

  • Thus, Machinfy Academy offers you two diplomas. A Data Analysis Diploma covers a Power BI course, an SQl course, and an excel data analysis course.

  • On the other hand, the professional Data Analysis Diploma consists of an excel data analysis course, a Power BI course and a data analysis course.

  • It centres on the fundamentals of data analysis, starting from understanding the fundamentals of data analytics to becoming a data guru through expanding your skill set and maximizing your future job prospects. The data analysis course will broaden your analytical mind.

  • To delve deeper into the data analysis field, it is better to take data analytics courses like an excel data analysis course, an SQL course and a Power BI course, granting you the opportunity to manipulate data and gain hands-on experience.

  • Machinfy Academy offers online and offline courses which offer efficient mentorship and grant student feedback and a roadmap to progress.

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Tarek samir
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Amazing course with wonderful instructor. This course is really beneficial to know what the field is like. You will learn the basics and some of the advanced techniques to work with. I had a great experience with solid knowledge. Keep up the good work
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Nader zohdy
no job title
Amazing course with an amazing content and experienced instructor who really understand the bussines and market needs , it had put me on the first steps in the field so thank you very much
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Dody K.mohamed
no job title
حقيقي تجربه حلوه مع حضرتك وشرح ممتاز ومبسط ومافيش اي عقد ف الشرح بارك الله فيك ومن تقدم لتقدم باذن الله
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Abdallah aqtash
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صراحة من افضل الناس الي بساعدوا بأعلى الامكانيات في كورساتهم…. وكثير من الخبرة الي عندهم حسب كثير طلاب اخذو معهم …. وما بقصروا بأي مساعدة شكرًا الكم كثير