Data science course

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  • Duration: 100 hr
  • Price: 10000 EGP
  • Discount: 31%
  • final price (online): 6900 EGP
  • Discount: 25%
  • final price (offline): 7500 EGP

Data science course

Welcome to the exciting world of Data Science! In this course, you will learn how to extract meaningful insights from large datasets and make informed decisions based on data-driven analysis, Data Science is a rapidly growing field that involves a combination of statistical analysis, programming, and machine learning techniques to uncover patterns, trends, and relationships within data. This course will provide you with a solid foundation in the key concepts and tools used in data science, including data cleaning and preprocessing, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, and predictive modeling.

  • Introduction for non-technical
  • Python Programming
  • Statistics
  • Data Analysis Using Python
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Application
  • Download PDF file
Projects you will work on:
  • Titanic Analysis Project
  • Loan Approval Analysis
  • Customer churn
  • Housing Price California
  • Cardio Good Fitness Case Study
  • Fish Weight Prediction
  • Car Price Prediction
  • IBM HR Analytics Employee Attrition & Performance
  • Heart Disease Prediction with Machine Learning
  • web scraping - Alyoum Al_7
  • web scraping - Corona table
  • Spam Text Message Classification
  • Movie Reviews
  • Health Insurance
  • Physics vs Chemistry vs Biology
  • EDA of Prosper Loan
  • Countries
Program outcomes:
  • Build predictive models using a variety of unsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques.
  • Perform feature engineering to improve the performance of Machine learning models.
  • Optimize, tune, and improve algorithms according to Specific metrics like accuracy and speed.
  • Compare the performances of learned models using suitable Metrics.
  • Analyze, design and document a system component using appropriate data analytical techniques and models.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental principles of data analytics systems and technologies.
  • Able to use standard techniques of mathematics and statistics to address problems
  • typical of a career in data science.
  • Apply appropriate modeling techniques to conduct quantitative analyses of complex big data sets.
  • Use statistical software packages such Python to solve data science problems.
  • Communicate results effectively to stakeholders.
  • Create continuous and automated integrations to deploy your models.
  • Build machine learning model APIs.
  • Web Scraping using Python
  • Chatbot using python
  • Trainers with more than +7 years of experience in the labor market.
  • They have sufficient experience in various fields
Who should attend:
People who working in this fields:
  • Developers and Software Engineers
  • Analysts and Professionals
  • Statisticians
  • Individuals who are passionate about Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
what you need after this diploma:
Simply, you have to be updated with data analysis field and you have to practice on projects more and more.
Your refund request will be accepted from the 1st of the month to the 10th, but if the request is submitted after the 10th, your request will be processed in the next month.
Installment service:
You can pay the required amount via installments with 10% additional fees for 6 months installments:
  • ValU
  • Credit card( CIB – Alahly – Bank Masr – Mashrq)
  • Machinfy Certified: Available once you delivered and presented the final project of this diploma
  • Machinfy Attendance: available once you attended 70% of the course
Why Machinfy ?
  • Our goal is building training programs that qualify calibers for market and ready plug-work and we already do this by applying the latest training methodologies, equipment and materials that make trainees will qualified for join job or shift career faster.
  • Our core strength is the experienced trainers and updated content based on market needs.

The machine learning field (ML) is on the rise, and data is becoming the new currency. Data grows at an exponential rate; therefore, many processes and tools are required to unveil its value, from algorithms, statistical models, and predictive analytics models to creating visualizations. The demand for data scientists to analyze data soars. So, the machine learning field (ML) is a promising career path with an ocean of job opportunities for data scientists and machine learning scientists. Machinfy Academy offers full-fledged diplomas such as the Artificial Intelligence Diploma, the Data Science Hands-On Diploma and the Professional Data Analysis Diploma.

  • Machine learning revolves around using historical data to predict new outcomes with labelled or unlabeled data.

  • The main three types of machine learning: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and semi-supervised learning, and each requires an in-depth understanding of its most commonly used and common algorithms, such as linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, clustering, and random forest

  • If you wish to embark on your journey into the machine learning field and learn the fundamentals of machine learning with Python, Machinfy delivers a Data Science Hands-On Diploma.

  • A machine learning course is your way to break into the machine learning (ML) field. What are you waiting for? Upscale your career now

  • Machine learning becomes a quintessential part of any business or startup, especially, the big companies that rely heavily on using predictive analytics models to forecast sales and optimise business decisions.

  • Leading companies such as Google, Uber, Netflix, and Amazon use machine learning to unearth new trends in data, and particularly Netflix uses it in the recommendation system of movies to personalise the customer experience.

  • A machine learning course is a great choice to kick start your career in machine learning, and you can get armed with the knowledge of these predictive analytic models in the Data Science Hands-On Diploma from Machinfy Academy.

  • Excel is one of the most commonly used spreadsheet programs. It is distinguished by its vast spectrum of formulas and equations, as well as its capacity for transforming, cleaning, sorting, and visualizing data efficiently

  • However, it has some limitations, like the inability to deal with big data with different formats and structures, hampering it to be on par with programming languages like Python.

  • On the other hand, Python is a general-purpose language that is very easy to learn and get a grip on. In essence, it is deemed the least complicated programming language, so most data analysts learn it.

  • To uplift your set of skills, it is preferable to take a data science course and a machine learning course to reinforce your analytics skills and to sustain your understanding of machine learning models, as well as a machine learning with Python course that walks you through the fundamentals of Python programming.

  • Take your career to the next level with the Machinfy Academy Diploma, a Data Science Hands-On Diploma that is indispensable to learning predictive analytics and getting your hands dirty with raw data.

  • Each company uses a different tech stack to build predictive analytics models, so having a holistic understanding of various technologies will make you more employable.

  • The most common tools and technologies used in the data science field include big data technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop; data visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI and Tableau; machine learning libraries like TrensorFlow and Scikit-Learn; and Python libraries such as NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Keras, and PyTorch, as well as BigML, SAS, and Snowflake.

  • Having got a Data science course or a Machine Learning course will take your career to the next level. Machinfy Academy presents a data science course and machine learning with Python course in a superb diploma called the Data Science Hands-On Diploma, which will enable you to build predictive analytics models.

  • Simply no, this is impossible. Although an Excel workbook is capable of storing millions of rows, it has a deficiency in dealing with big data. On the contrary, machine learning uses advanced and complex statistical methods and algorithms used for predictive analytics.

  • It is recommended that you take a data science course or machine learning course that grants you both theoretical and practical skills, and specifically, a machine learning with Python course, as it will aid you in building predictive analytics models using Python and creating projects that will make you stand out in the labor market as a qualified job prospect.

  • Fortunately, Machinfy Academy has got you covered with a top Data Science Hands-On Diploma. Contact us for more details.

  • Linear regression is a statistical method used for predictive analytics. It is used to determine the relationship between the dependent variable and the independent variable and to visually show the strength of the relationship or the correlation between the variables.

  • Getting the grip of predictive analytics concepts, and stepping into the data science realm is not an easy mission, take a data science course or machine learning course that provides you with both theoretical and practical skills.

  • A machine learning with Python course is also an optimum choice, as it explores the nuts and bolts of building predictive analytics models.

  • Regression analysis is used to predict the value of one variable from the value of another variable. It can be done by creating a scatterplot illustrating the relationship between the independent variable (x-axis) and the dependent variable (y-axis) and then trying to figure out whether there is a correlation between the two variables or not.

  • It may seem like a complicated topic, but a data science course or a machine learning course will simplify these concepts and help you put the raw knowledge into practice through building projects.

  • Machinfy Academy dives deeper into teaching Machine learning with Python by getting hands-on experience in one of its premium diploma, namely the Data Science Hands-On Diploma which will open the door to great job opportunities.

  • Data science forecasts prices by analyzing historical data and using different predictive modelling techniques and methods, including time series analysis, regression analysis, and machine learning algorithms such as random forests and support vector machines.

  • All in all, data science uses a blend of statistical models and machine learning algorithms to make predictions about future prices. The accuracy of the prediction model is determined by the quality of the data, the use of an appropriate model, and the ability of the data scientist to translate the data into valuable insights.

  • If you pursue a machine learning job, there are a slew of courses you can enroll in, such as a data science course, a machine learning course, and a machine learning with Python course strengthen your understanding of building predictive models. Machinfy Academy covers these skills under one supreme diploma called Data Science Hands-On Diploma. Contact us for more details.

  • Data science and economics have some similarities; both have formidable foundations in statistics and use data to make data informed decisions.

  • The transformative role of data science is apparent in revolutionizing and reshaping the landscape of banking and the finance sector. For instance, data science has plenty of applications in the economics field, including credit scoring, fraud detection, risk management, and financial forecasting.

  • These applications gear towards enabling banks to detect fraudulent activities and reinforce economic forecasting models, as well as develop credit scoring models to predict the likelihood of a borrower defaulting on a loan and forecast stock prices, and interest rates.

  • Machinfy Academy delivers a data science course and a machine learning with Python course in a terrific diploma called the Data Science Hands-On Diploma that will enable you to build predictive analytics models.

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Excellent Academy with experienced instructors, the practical work is the best, thanks for being one from ur students
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I recommend this organization for learning more about data science. It is really amazing
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It was amazing experience with Ml and Data analysis, I highly recommend every one interested in this field to take advantage of those well dedicated instructors by enrolling in their courses.
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