Data Analysis with excel

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  • Duration: 40 hr
  • Price: 5500 EGP
  • Discount: 36%
  • final price (online): 3500 EGP
  • Discount: 27%
  • final price (offline): 4000 EGP

Data Analysis with excel

In today's world, data is ubiquitous and understanding how to make sense of it is crucial in making informed decisions. Excel and Power BI are two powerful tools that can help you analyze and visualize data in a meaningful way.

  • Excel Basics to Advanced level
  • Power BI basics
  • Dashboards and Visuals
  • Data Warehouse concept
  • Data Sources
  • Statistics
  • Tableau Basics
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Projects you will work on:
Real projects in different fields.
    Program outcomes:
    • Excel Basics
    • Data analysis using excel and pivot tables
    • Scaling analytics skills using power BI program
    • Convert data into visuals and graphs
    • Build your own dashboard
    • Share and secure your dashboard across your company account
    • Publish a mobile version dashboard
    • Learn tableau features beyond power BI
    • How to apply Data Analysis using Excel – Power BI – Tableau
    • Trainers with more than +13 years of experience in the labor market.
    • They have sufficient experience in various fields.
    Who should attend:
    People who working in this fields:
    • Marketing
    • sales
    • hr
    • Accountants
    • managerial level
    • procurement
    • Accouany one need to learn and use data analysis in his careerntants
    what you need after this diploma:
    Simply, you have to be updated with data analysis field and you have to practice on projects more and mores.
    Your refund request will be accepted from the 1st of the month to the 10th, but if the request is submitted after the 10th, your request will be processed in the next month.
    Installment service:
    You can pay the required amount via installments with 10% additional fees for 6 months installments:
    • ValU
    • Credit card( CIB – Alahly – Bank Masr – Mashrq)
    • Machinfy Certified: Available once you delivered and presented the final project of this diploma
    • Machinfy Attendance: available once you attended 70% of the course
    Why Machinfy ?
    • Our goal is building training programs that qualify calibers for market and ready plug-work and we already do this by applying the latest training methodologies, equipment and materials that make trainees will qualified for join job or shift career faster.
    • Our core strength is the experienced trainers and updated content based on market needs.

    Welcome to Machinfy for the premier provider of technical courses and services our extensive range of courses covers diverse fields such as data science, professional data analysis, SQL database management, web design, application development, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). We offer comprehensive training design to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your career our private assistance and consulting services are tailored to your unique needs ensuring you receive personalized guidance from our team of experts.

    • Learning coding will be a valuable asset to your skills, which in turn, helps you stand out from the crowd.

    • If you are confused about which online course is the best to begin your data analysis journey, or even if you are distracted by various materials and different courses, Machinfy Academy offers a Data Analysis Diploma covering an excel data analysis course, an SQL course and Power BI Course.

    • It is one of the best educational platforms for data analysis and data analytics courses.

    • There are numerous courses. So, rest assured to take data analytics courses which highlight a raft of business challenges, and how to develop data literacy and an analytic mindset.

    • Machinfy is an outstanding platform for both offline and online data analytics courses which aims at helping the student to demonstrate a knack for utilizing Excel to do a variety of data analysis tasks like data wrangling and data mining.

    • If you think of taking a Power BI course and an SQL course, then Machinfy Academy features data analytics courses in one place under the umbrella of two diplomas called the data analysis Diploma and professional Data Analysis Diploma which are essential to embark on your data analytics journey.

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    Tarek samir
    no job title
    Amazing course with wonderful instructor. This course is really beneficial to know what the field is like. You will learn the basics and some of the advanced techniques to work with. I had a great experience with solid knowledge. Keep up the good work
    customer image
    Nader zohdy
    no job title
    Amazing course with an amazing content and experienced instructor who really understand the bussines and market needs , it had put me on the first steps in the field so thank you very much
    customer image
    Dody K.mohamed
    no job title
    حقيقي تجربه حلوه مع حضرتك وشرح ممتاز ومبسط ومافيش اي عقد ف الشرح بارك الله فيك ومن تقدم لتقدم باذن الله
    customer image
    Abdallah aqtash
    no job title
    صراحة من افضل الناس الي بساعدوا بأعلى الامكانيات في كورساتهم…. وكثير من الخبرة الي عندهم حسب كثير طلاب اخذو معهم …. وما بقصروا بأي مساعدة شكرًا الكم كثير