Artificial intelligence Course

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  • Duration: 100 hr
  • Price: 10000 EGP
  • Discount: 31%
  • final price (online): 6900 EGP
  • Discount: 25%
  • final price (offline): 7500 EGP

Artificial intelligence Course

Welcome to the exciting world of artificial intelligence! In this course, we will delve into the fascinating field of AI, exploring the latest advancements and practical applications of machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and other key AI technologies.

  • Python Programming
  • Mathematics
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
  • Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
  • Image Processing and Computer Vision
  • Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)
  • GANs
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Projects you will work on:
Real projects in different fields.
    Program outcomes:
    • Write code in python.
    • Learn about statistics and linear algebra.
    • Learn Machine Learning.
    • Scale up your machine learning ability to reach deep learning and AI.
    • Know more and more about Deep Learning.
    • Learn how each model works.
    • Learn why and when to use it.
    • Learn the concepts for model building.
    • Learn the mathematical background for each model.
    • Build around 10 projects during the training.
    • Build your own machine learning model.
    • Trainers with more than +8 years of experience in the labor market.
    • They have sufficient experience in various fields.
    Who should attend:
    People who working in this fields:
    • Developers and Software Engineers
    • Machine Learning Engineers
    • Data Scientists
    • Data Analysts
    • Individuals who are passionate about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    what you need after this diploma:
    Simply, you have to be updated with Artificial Intelligence field and you have to practice on projects more and more.
    Your refund request will be accepted from the 1st of the month to the 10th, but if the request is submitted after the 10th, your request will be processed in the next month.
    Installment service:
    You can pay the required amount via installments with 10% additional fees for 6 months installments:
    • ValU
    • Credit card( CIB – Alahly – Bank Masr – Mashrq)
    • Machinfy Certified: Available once you delivered and presented the final project of this diploma
    • Machinfy Attendance: available once you attended 70% of the course
    Why Machinfy ?
    • Our goal is building training programs that qualify calibers for market and ready plug-work and we already do this by applying the latest training methodologies, equipment and materials that make trainees will qualify for join job or shift career faster.
    • Our core strength is the experienced trainers and updated content based on market needs.

    Welcome to Machinfy for the premier provider of technical courses and services our extensive range of courses covers diverse fields such as data science, professional data analysis, SQL database management, web design, application development, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). We offer comprehensive training design to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your career our private assistance and consulting services are tailored to your unique needs ensuring you receive personalized guidance from our team of experts.

    • Deep learning is at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) because of its computing power. It is a subdivision of machine learning that takes inspiration from how the human brain functions and works.

    • It consists of artificial networks of neurons, trying to simulate and mimic the behaviour of the human brain.

    • It is a machine using deep neural network models, and due to their complexity, it requires heaps of data to train a deep neural network and processing that data also takes a lot of time and computing power.

    • If you want to delve deeper into deep learning, you can enrol in an artificial intelligence course or a machine learning course to build a solid understanding of its concepts. The importance of taking an AI course lies in reinforcing your skills and making you more employable.

    • Breaking into this growing field and learning it from scratch seems daunting, but with the artificial intelligence diploma from Machinfy Academy, you are all set to unlock your full potential.

    • If you're interested in pursuing a career in artificial intelligence, it's essential to comprehend both data science and deep learning. But, it is mainly determined by your interests.

    • Data science centres on cleaning, manipulating, processing, and analyzing data to obtain insights and make data-backed decisions. Once you grapple with data science, you can then move on to learning deep learning. Deep learning focuses on building neural networks to find patterns in data and make predictions.

    • For learning data science, you need to learn Python or R along with SQL, Power BI, and Tableau.

    • For learning deep learning, you need to get a foundational understanding of AI-related terms, such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.

    • A machine learning course or AI course that tackles these concepts will be a perfect opportunity to enhance your programming skills.

    • Natural language processing (NLP) is a subset of deep learning. NLP uses computational linguistics to understand the syntax and semantics of languages, analyze the text, and generate meaningful outputs, it is also used in machine translation, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, grammatical error correction, spam detection, and Chatbots.

    • NLP seem to be buzzword; however, with an artificial intelligence course or a machine learning course, it will be easy to grasp. If you consider taking an AI course to get a grip on the basics of AI terms, this is certainly a perfect solution.

    • Machinfy Academy has got you covered with a supreme artificial intelligence diploma that includes under-the-hood machine learning and deep learning topics.

    • A recurrent neural network (RNN) uses time series data or sequential data. It is commonly used for natural language processing (NLP), language translation, video and image recognition, and speech recognition. Its world-famous applications include Siri, Alexa, and Google Translate.

    • Deep learning concepts are not easy to grasp, therefore, it is better to take an artificial intelligence course or a machine learning course to strengthen your understanding and get hands-on experience.

    • If you are searching for a job as an AI engineer, an AI course will be a good choice to unlock the burgeoning job opportunities in the artificial intelligence field. The Artificial Intelligence Diploma from Machinfy Academy is designed to bolster knowledge and programming skills.

    • Embarking on your AI and machine learning journey seems intimidating and requires a lot of effort, but with systematic steps, you will be able to build a solid foundation and take your career to the next level.

    • First and foremost, you have to learn programming languages such as Python or R, which are essential languages used in machine learning.

    • Second, statistics, including calculus and linear algebra, is crucial to get a deep understanding of algorithms.

    • Most importantly, deal with real datasets and build projects to establish yourself as a qualified job prospect and be more employable. You can achieve this and advance your skills with an AI course or a machine learning course

    • Enrolling in an artificial intelligence course that enables you to build real projects will help you get the most out of it.

    • Stay ahead of the curve with a supreme artificial intelligence diploma from Machinfy Academy. Apply now.

    • Learning neural networks and deep learning is an overwhelming yet thought-provoking experience.

    • You can start learning Python or R and the difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning, along with reinforcement learning (RL) and natural language processing (NLP). Getting an in-depth understanding of these concepts is a great starting point and then you can gradually build on these skills.

    • An AI course will be a suitable shortcut to this challenging career path. If you are searching for an artificial intelligence course, try to choose a course that provides you with a foundational understanding of machine learning and deep learning concepts, along with practical learning to get your hands dirty with real-world projects.

    • The prominence of enrolling in a machine learning course or an artificial intelligence course lies in providing you with a systematic learning plan, which in turn prevents you from being distracted by the various sources across the internet.

    • The artificial intelligence diploma from Machinfy Academy covers machine learning and deep learning topics. With the artificial intelligence diploma from Machinfy Academy, your career will reach new heights.

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    Abdulrahman helmy
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    very good place to start your journey in AI and machine learning, with friendly instructors that will help you through the journey and answer all of your questions
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    Amr Abdul-Aziz
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    very good place to learn and experienced instructors are awesome
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    Shaimaa ahmed
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    This course added to my career, it increased my knowledge in how to deal with data and get its value. it gave me a practical chance for applying machine learning models with advanced applications..big thank to the most friendly and experienced instructor.
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    Abdulrahman elshazly
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    Very good starting point for anyone who wants to start his career in the Data science and machine learning field.